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I am passionate about helping people learn the technique and art of singing. Students, from beginners to professionals, come to me for various reasons and at various stages of their development. I delight in helping people grow in strength, stamina, and confidence as they find their voices through a healthy approach to singing. We find the true range of the voice and work to develop a smooth transition from top to bottom allowing each singer to use the voice in their chosen style.

COLS Music 2010 Jazz Choir Jessica Israels

As a voice teacher, I take an individualized approach with my students that addresses their personal goals, regardless of skill level or stylistic interests. Students are able to create a voice of greater range, expression, and control through this tailored approach. I believe every kind of student can excel with this training. I have worked with students of various ages and ability levels on all types of music, including classical, jazz, musical theater, pop, and folk.

Individual lessons provide the performer with vocal exercises, tailored to the individual student. These exercises aim to strengthen the larynx and vocal cords as well as releasing the tongue and jaw, yielding increased range and flexibility. Topics covered in lessons include emotional connection to the song, improved body language, focus and connection to the breath.

Specialized master classes provide a supportive group dynamic for singers to prepare for auditions, competitions, and performances, and, ultimately, to further develop their craft. Members of the voice studio and their families are invited to attend. A pianist/accompanist is supplied. Each participant gets individualized coaching. The selections for classes must be well-prepared. Please bring two copies of your music.

Masterclasses are occasionally offered in a 6-week, weekly format, with a performance for the public at the end of the term. Students will be informed of the details when these opportunities become available.

Please email me with questions regarding rates, policies, and other specifics.

Below are some student testimonials:

“Jessica has the most drive I have ever experienced in a music teacher. Not only does she have the experience, but she has great love for what she does.”

“Jessica makes it easy to be musical. Always a pleasure to work with her.”

“Jessica was such a pleasure to work with. She brought such a fresh perspective to music that often becomes mundane and trite because it is drilled to us in so many classes. She reminds me that music making should be fun, and that you can love what you do.”

“I love her teaching style. She is the best teacher I have ever had. She was very attentive.”

“Jessica Israels is an excellent voice teacher! I would recommend her to anyone!”


singer, educator & conductor

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